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Equipment List

Arbor-Tech Utility Services has over 130 pieces of industry related equipment at its disposal, such as:


Tigercat M726G

  • 370 HP Tigercat C87 tier 4 engine
  • On board fire detection with fire suppression system and pressurized water system with hose & nozzle
  • 117” mulcher head with a working width of 96”
Tigercat M726G Tigercat M726G Tigercat M726G

CMI C250 Hurricane

  • 3.3PSI ground pressure – lowest in the industry
  • Optimizes balance and mulching capacity while minimizing ground disturbance
  • 275HP John Deere engine
  • 107” mulcher head with a working width of 89”
  • Built for high performance mulching in poor ground conditions
CMI C250 Hurricane Mulcher CMI C175 Twister

CMI C175 Twister

  • Light weight and small dimensions – ideal for seismic lines, commercial land clearing, utility line work and road/trail building
  • 175HP John Deere motor
  • 70” mulcher head with a working width of 54”
  • Built for high performance mulching in tight confines

Aerial Trucks

M2-106 LR760-E70

  • 77’ working height – reach new heights and access sites that can’t be completed with standard aerial trucks
  • Get over the line and access more sites with 10’ additional reach
  • 16.5 cubic yards payload capacity – less trips to dump increases on site production
  • Custom bins to carry all the right tools for any task
Aerial truck trimming trees Aerial truck tree trimmer

M2-106 LR760

  • 66’ working height
  • 16.5 cubic yards payload capacity – less trips to dump increases on site production
  • Fully insulated upper boom with an additional 15” of isolation in lower boom
  • The industry standard workhorse for aerial access
  • All trucks are fully equipped and ready for any task
  • Fleet consists of new model trucks that are GPS tracked for safety and reporting
  • Digital fleet management ensures proactive maintenance, eliminating unnecessary downtime

Stump Grinding

Rayco RG100X

  • 100HP Kubota diesel engine with hydrostatic cutter wheel
  • Low center of gravity, 6 tires and 4 x 4 drive to access any stump
  • Cutting depth of 21”, cutting height of 31”, cutting width of 70”
  • Will fit through 36” gate
  • Large power in a compact package
Arbor-Tech stump grinder Stump grinder

Herbicide Application

Targeted herbicide applications for a variety of industrial locations.

Polaris UTV

Hose and handgun cross-country set-ups control vegetation when no roads can get you there.

CF-60 Nodwell

Hose and handgun cross-country unit for applications with the most difficult access. 2000L tank capacity.

Dodge 5500

Hose and handgun roadside units with double tank set-ups for control of different brush and weed landscapes within the same location. 300’ of hose allows for fewer set-ups. 2250L total tank capacity.

Arbor-Tech herbicide application team Herbicide application