Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability

Arbor-Tech greatly values the health and safety of our people, the public and the environment in which we work and live. These values are the focus of our Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability Department (HSES). Unique to the Vegetation Management Industry, Arbor-Tech strives not for the goal of minimizing harm to the environment, but instead to be leaders in sustainability, seeking opportunities to enhance the ecological integrity of the landscapes in which we work.

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Tree trimming with safety in mind

Health & Safety

Arbor-Tech prioritizes the health and safety of our people and the public in every aspect of our work. Our safety program is recognized by the International Society of Arboriculture. In addition to a Safety Manager (Certified CRSP) and Department Manager, every General Foreman and Regional Manager are also considered “Safety Supervisors”, as they are expected to lead the implementation of our Health and Safety program during day-to-day operations.

Environmental sustainability. Protecting wetlands, and bird's nests while we work

Environment & Sustainability

As a company of arborists, Arbor-Tech recognizes the importance of environmental health and sustainability. We employ a Certified Professional Biologist and train all staff on important environmental practices, such as protecting wetlands and bird’s nests. These environmental practices have earned us the privilege of working in areas where environmental integrity is the primary focus, and helped our customers achieve recognition for stewardship along Right-of-Ways. We constantly strive to expand the environmental services we offer, including surveying, inventorying and monitoring of species, cartography and spatial analysis (e.g. GIS) and more.